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Namibia is a country of breath taking and surreal landscape, a country of sunshine, wide open spaces, wild animals and friendly people, to put in perspective imagine a country the size of Germany and France put together with only a population of under 2.5 million. Namibia was a German colony before WWI and that is visible in its urban areas. It is a country of stark contrasts with high gloss shopping malls in the cities where the young walk around ready for a fashion photo shoot and out in the rural areas people living in make shift huts with no infrastructure at all.


We always wanted to do a safari in the African planes and we finally chose Namibia over other countries because it is statistically the safest country in the African continent. Since we wanted to do a self drive safari where you get a 4WD vehicle with a roof tent and you wonder off on your own into the African bush instead of cramping yourself in a tour bus with a hundred other rowdy American tourist, so safety was a big concern to us. I mean I am not known for fear of animals but do fear all insects that whiz and buzz and am really scared of a particular type of hairless primate called “man”.

We fell in love with Namibia, I would strongly recommend this type of self drive safari to those who are camping fans, and I say they are right when they say Africa gets under your skin. for two weeks after our return I was dreaming of Africa every night in my sleep…..

enjoy the photos.




Namibia’s Landscape




Our camp sites and lodgings




Namibia’s wildlife




Namibia’s Skies


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