Finland is a country roughly the size of Germany with only a population of around 6 million most of which is concentrated around major cities in the south of the country like the capital city Helsinki or Turku.

Finland is blessed with pristine fairy tail like nature where one could lose himself in only to be accompanied by ones shaddow, its a heaven for the nature lover and people who are comfortable in their own company.  but its not just that, even in the vast wilderness of Lapland one finds cafes, hotels, restaurans and petrole stations.


Region Raatamar

our 3 Bedroom hut in the middle of nowhere.

There are wooden huts fully equiped like a luxury house with intergrated Sauna and grill Tipies where you could cut yourself off from the society for a period of time to unwind but with all the comfort you could imagin. Deep the whites of Lapland you’ll find you have better internet access than some cities in Germany or England.


The Grill Tipi

For activity junkies the choices are  long distance skying, Dog slade tours and Raindeer slades tours where you can take the reins yourself and drive the slade or let yourself be driven. Tours vary from day tours to 7 day excursions from lapland right of to the north cap in Norway with stops at nights in wooden huts with open fires. Hiring snowmobiles is another option if you want to delve deep into the widerness as there are only major artery roads in the north and walking into the forest is real argoues due to knee deep snow. For photography nuts like me

Region Enontekiö

dog slade

there is an endless array of subjects in the forest, the wild life and of course the Aurora Borealis or better known as the northern lights at nights with clear skies.

In the cities or even in the wilderness the Finnish people are one of the most polite and helpful folk I have ever come across, period. Almost everyone speaks an elementry level of English so communication is no problem, also a large number of people I came across spoke even German. In the Icy remote part of Lapland when you stop your car to take snapshots every passing vehicle slows down to make sure to offer

etrnal white icy roads, but dont worry, rented cars have spiked tyres

assistance if needed even though passing cars are few and far in between.

Helsinki is a beautiful city especially at nights with wide selection of bars restaurants, hotels and endless shops to keep shopping queens on their tows.

well enough said, here is my selection of photos from Finland and Lapland, just one note, in my opinion if you are going to visit lapland, then it has to be done in high winter. enjoy.











Sirkka is a tourists skiing mecca with all that you would expect from a ski resort located in north Finland



Fun day with the Dog Slades


Landscape of Lapland,

Region Enontekiö, Raatamar and Muonio


Aurora Borealis or in other words the Northern Lights

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