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Welcome to my humble Photo Gallery, If you are expecting to see faces of people then you are in the wrong website. I have love for Nature and extraordinary man made structures. Nothing flash, nothing fancy just an E-photo album.

Some photos have been taken with mere cellphone cameras, proving that sometimes the Idea behind a frame is more important than expensive equipment. Some are taken with my DSLR with zoom lenses and wot not proving that size does matter afterall, regardless of what your woman tells you.

My real name is Hamid Bokaie hence the website URL www.bokaie.net, Darband is where I was born, the foot of the mountains to the north of Tehran, even though when I was born Darband was a village of its own and not a part of Tehran. Darbandies consider themselves to be an exclusive club and I guess I am a part of that. There,….. thats me & the website explained, so enjoy surfin and don’t forget to leave comments.

PS: Because of spam postings I have had to restrict comments to members only!, so if you want to leave a comment, just register. Thanks

HB Darbandi

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